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Why Choose Us?

The goal of ESN is to provide quality threads, fabrics and supplies.

I pride myself on stocking quality supplies that needleworkers want to use & need to use, so the dedication, effort and love put into your projects is justified by a beautifully finished piece.

100% Australian owned & operated

Australia wide delivery, using Australia Post or customer requested courier

Only quality products are stocked, that I am happy to purchase myself

As a customer, I have found the service at Every Sewer Needs to be excellent.  Great range of products.

Longstanding member of the Embroiderers' Guild Queensland

About Us

Cassandra Karkkainen

store owner

A Little About Me

My name is Cassandra Karkkainen.

I am a dedicated left-handed needleworker.  I enjoy many traditional textile crafts.  Needlework, spinning, bobbinlace & weaving to name a few.

While growing up in Mount Isa, I tried and enjoyed many crafts.  During school holidays, I especially enjoyed visiting my Aunt Margaret, who is a professional dressmaker.

It wasn't until after I began a family that I found needlework an excellent way to relax and de-stress.  Not that I had a lot of spare time with 2 baby boys within 13 months.

I have memberships with several guilds and enjoy attending many various groups, within these guilds, as my business takes me around Australia.

While talking with fellow needle worker, I was asked to make some of my items for them too. They encouraged me to sell at our Guild Craft Fair and thus Every Sewer Needs began.


Every Sewer Needs attends many craft shows throughout Australia.  With today's enviroment a bricks-n-mortar store may be a thing of the past.

Upcoming Shows for 2020

CraftAlive Show         -  Penrith, NSW                     February 7-9                        3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Shepparton, NSW             February, 14-16                     3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Wagga Wagga, NSW        March, 6-8                            3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Newcastle, NSW               March, 26-29                       3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Ballarat, Vic                       April, 3-5                               3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Caloundra, QLD                April, 17-19                            3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Canberra, ACT                  April, 30 - May, 3                  4 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Mount Gambier, SA          May, 29-31                             3 day show

Craft Show                  -  Salisbury, SA                    June, 6-8                               3 day show

CraftAlive Show         -  Bendigo, Vic                     June, 11-14                             4 day show

Sewing Stitching &     -  Adelaide, SA                    July, 3-5                                 3 day show

Handcraft Show

CraftAlive Show          -  Tamworth, NSW              July, 10-12                                3 day show

Bendigo Wool Show   -  Bendigo, Vic                   July, 19-21                                3 day show

CraftAlive Show          -  Townsville, QLD              August, 7-9                             3 day show

CraftAlive Show          -  Cairns, QLD                     August, 14-16                          3 day show

CraftAlive Show          -  Bundaberg, QLD             August, 21-23                         3 day show

CraftAlive Show          -  Toowoomba, QLD          September, 17-20                   4 day show

CraftAlive Show          -  Logan, QLD                    To be announced                  3 day show

Upcoming Shows for 2021

Quiltopia Show            -   Rosehill, NSW               To Be Announced                  3 day show

                                               ....     ....

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