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Clover Easy Loop Turner (472)

$ 10.00

Just clip and push to easily turn fabric tubes right side out.

Insert for cording, elastics, and batting strips.


  • Just clip onto the edge of the fabric tube and push, turning the fabric right side out
  • Cording or strips of batting can be inserted simultaneously


  1. Clip onto the edge of the fabric tube using the clip.
  2. Press against the clip until you feel a slight click locking in the fabric
  3. To turn the fabric tube right side out push the Easy Loop Turner into the fabric tube
  4. After completing the fabric reversing process, return the clip to its original position.
  5. Push in the fabric edge slightly to release the clip.


Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)

SKU : CL.472
Brand : Clover
Type : Easy Loop Turner
Quantity : 2 pieces per packet
Materials : Polyacetal
Made in Japan.

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