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KAI Tailoring Shears 230mm/09″ (N7230)

$ 197.75

  • KAI 7230 is the 9-inch professional scissor, ideal for thicker, more difficult fabrics.
  • Most people compare this scissor to the KAI 7250 10-inch scissor.
  • KAI 7230, being a 9-inch, is considered a lighter scissor, yet long enough for standard sewing projects.
  • When compared, the KAI 7230 is better suited to people with smaller hands or desire lighter weight.
The 7000 series scissors are made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel.
The addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting angle, giving the scissor a sharper, finer edge.
The carbon allows the finer edge to last longer.
This gives the 7000 series a better ability to cut thicker fabrics and allow for easier use.

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SKU : KAI.N7230
Brand : KAI
Type : Tailoring Shears
Size : 230mm / 9″
Colour : Black handle
Material : Stainless Steel with Vanadium blade , Plastic handle
Made in Japan.

Please Note : The colour names given are only provided as a guide. It is not possible to guarantee an accurate colour display for every computer monitor.

Dimensions 27 × 10.5 × 2.5 cm


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