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Mill Hill Beaded Kits – Winter Series Range

Type : Beaded Embroidery Design
Design : Winter Series Range
Dimensions : 12.7cm x 12.7cm (5″ x 5″)
Materials included : Various items, chart and instructions.
Made in Japan, Packaged in USA.

Please Note : The colour names given are only provided as a guide. It is not possible to guarantee an accurate colour display for every computer monitor.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 1.5 cm
Kit Designs

All Is Calm (MH14-5305), Believe (MH14-1304), Cardinal Forest (MH14-0301), Caroling (MH14-8305), Christmas Collage (MH14-9306), City Bank (MH14-5302), Clock Shoppe (MH14-0302), Cool Quartet (MH14-3301), Crystal Snowflake (MH14-1635), Festive Pine (MH14-1634), Firehouse (MH14-9305), French Horn (MH14-4306), Frosty Snowman (MH14-0304), General Store (MH14-7303), Ginger Friends (MH14-4301), Gingerbread House (MH14-0306), Hanging Around (MH14-1306), Ho Ho Sampler (MHCB226), Holiday Delivery (MH14-1302), Holiday Sampler (MH14-1633), Holiday Stocking (MH14-1305), Home for Christmas (MH14-1301), Jingle Bells (MH14-8306), Joy to the World (MH14-8301), Mr Jack Frost (MH14-5303), North Pole (MH14-1632), Nuthatch (MH14-4303), Palace Theater (MH14-4302), Polar Bears (MH14-4305), Police Station (MH14-1732), Post Office (MH14-6303), Queen Anne House (MH14-7301), Silent Night (MH14-8304), Snow Day (MH14-9302), Snowfall (MH14-0303), Snowy Owl (MH14-4304), Spiced Wreath (MH14-5304), St Nicholas Cathedral (MH14-7305), Tapestry Noel (MH14-2303), Through The Woods (MH14-0305), Toy Shop (MH14-6301), Tree Farm (MH14-6306), Victorian House (MH14-6305), Village Bakery (MH14-7306), Village Inn (MH14-3302), Who Trio (MH14-3306), Winter Woods (MH14-1303)


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