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Nurge Adjustable Seating Embroidery Stand (190.4)

$ 140.00

Nurge manufacture all their hoops and stands using high grade Beechwood timber, resulting in an excellent quality product that is a dream to use.

The Nurge Adjustable Seating Embroidery Stand makes hands free needlework a dream.

The clamp will hold your round, oval & square hoop, so there is no need to purchase extra ‘compatible hoops’ such as with the Klass & Gessman Sitting Stand.

The base is comfortable to place under your thighs, allowing you to keep both hands free to stitch.

The 3 link upright allows fully adjusted positioning of your work, raise it up, move it closer, tilt your hoop a little more or less.

Each adjustment is made with the 3 tension screws, one at each link of the stand.

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

SKU : N.190.4
Brand : Nurge
Type : Embroidery Stand
Design : Nurge Adjustable Legged Sitting Embroidery Stand
Materials : Beechwood Timber, Plastic & Metal
Made in Pakistan.

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